how to use milk paint

Start by mixing equal parts of paint and water in a bowl.


Using a wire wisk or a wooden mixing stick, mix well - about 1 - 2 minutes. Let mixed paint stand for 10 minutes. After this time, give it a light mix again. Your paint should be very creamy and ready to go. Do a small test sample in an inconspiculous spot to see if that is the look you want and at this time you can adjust your paint. Adding more water makes more of a washed look and adding more paint acheives more of a solid look.


Begin painting using smooth even strokes. Avoid going back and forth. You may need two coats for a solid finish and sometimes a third if using a very light color. When you have finished painting, clean up by using soap and water. When your piece is dry, it will feel chalky and slightly rough - sand the surface lightly using a sanding sponge. We recommend finishing your piece with either our clear wax, one of our antique colors or a mixture of both. If your piece is  going outside, finish with our Tung Oil.


*Please note* If you are painting a surface that is metal, glass, high gloss paint or varnished, you need to add bonding liquid to your paint. Just add the same equal part and stir well when you are first mixing your paint. This will not effect the color of your paint, but will give a finish that will not flake.


Be sure to check out our Schedule on our web page for workshops we offer on our Milk Paint... We teach a begining/ intermediate class the first Saturday of the month...spaces are limited, so sign up to learn about the original paint on the Earth...